5 top tips to boost biodiversity at home

  1. Say ‘no to the mow’ – leave your lawn unmown and you’ll be amazed at the wildflowers that can burst into life.
  2. Resist cutting until mid-July, or even into early September if you can. This gives wildflowers a chance to complete their cycle of growing, flowering and setting seed.
  3. Once you do cut the grass, remove the cuttings and try scattering on other patches of lawn as the wildflower seed within can establish new plants.
  4. If you don’t have much room, simply leaving patches of lawn to grow longer will allow flowers to bloom for bees and butterflies. This will also provide shelter for small mammals like wood mice, voles and shrews.
  5. The best way to bring wildlife into the garden is to build a pond. It doesn’t have to be big – a container will do. But it needs at least one sloping side so creatures can easily get in and out.